Honey Brake

We are also developing   Honey Brake, a 7,500 acre   Wetland Reserve Program (WRP)   . This program was created for the purpose of returning land to its native habitat for improvement of the environment, but also allows for perpetual recreational hunting. The government has already planted tens of thousands of trees on the acreage and Ducks Unlimited has created a plan to maximize the waterfowl usage of almost 4,000 acres of shallow water. In November, 2005, M. J. Farms purchased this block of land.

This year is an exciting year in our development of Honey Brake.   Ducks Unlimited is just about finished with the dirt work for our shallow water areas.   We have utilized some of our wildlife openings for sunflower and millet patches for dove hunting this season.   The rest of the plots have been established and layed by for fall planting.   We are working with the state biologist to set up a management plan for optimum forage for our whitetail herd as well as other wildlife and wintering waterfowl.

Along with the investment   in the development and enhancement of the recreation ground itself we are well under way with the construction of our lake front lodge and cabin area.   We are planning to have two of our three cabins completed by early fall.   The completion of the third cabin as well as the foundation work on the main lodge will soon follow.   Our goal for final completion of this grand construction project is slated for late summer or fall of 2009.   It is our goal to make this the premier twelve month recreational property in Louisiana.   So if you like loading the boat with Crappie or just drifting through the miles of pristine bayous that make up the   Saline/Larto complex.   Maybe it’s the sound of Mallards over head at daylight, or the sight of a trophy buck stepping into a well manicured foodplot at sunset?   What ever it is that you work for during the week you can enjoy it here at Honey Brake.

We have a photo page in the works for this area as well as the hunting on the farm that should be up and running soon.   Watch us grow as well   as our wildlife as we post pictures on this page.   Please keep checking for monthly updates on this as well as other aspects of the farm on our website.   In the mean time if you or someone you know are interested in becoming a member of Honey Brake for the 2009-2010 hunting season, please contact   Drew Keeth to   set up an appointment to tour this magnificent piece of real estate.

For information about leasing a blind or other hunting questions please contact our Recreation Manager, Drew Keeth @ 318-452-6875 or by email drewkeeth@hughes.net