Honey Brake on Hank Parker's Flesh & Blood TV Show

Season: 2014

The Honey Brake Experience Part 1

After Hank Jr. put a Louisiana bruiser on the ground at the end of last season the guys get ready for another year at Honey Brake. Catfish kicks off the hunting in the early season and gets a game plan together. Jack Kelly hunts with the crew and sees a huge southern buck. Hopefully, he can hold it together long enough to get a shot.

The Honey Brake Experience Part 2

Hank Sr. brings in a few friends and hosts a hunt for some giant southern bucks. Hank gets an opportunity at a super wide brute, and Hank’s friend, Keith Kelly, sets his sights on a great buck.

The Honey Brake Experience Part 3

The crew hunts for the bruiser bucks that made the hit list. One of Hank’s friends, John Prior, gets a shot at the buck of a lifetime. As the season in Louisiana wraps up Hank has a second tag burning a hole in his pocket.

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